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Need to compare word to pdf files?

What is Text Comparison?

The Text Compare Tool allows users to automatically compare text online to find any differences between two texts or files.

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How can I compare two text files online?

Compare text online by uploading your original text and sample text in the designated fields. The Text Compare tool will automatically find and display any differences in words and characters between the two texts.

To learn more about inspecting text on documents and revisions, visit the professional web-based inspection application page here.

What are the advantages of using a text compare tool?

Text compare tools ensure work remains error-free across all copy documents and artwork files while verifying that the correct changes were made with each revision. Text comparison allows users to catch every inconsistency between two files, no matter how small.

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What can you inspect with a text compare tool?

With the professional text comparison tool Verify, you can inspect the following files: DOC, PDF, XLS